Dear Anthony,

I am sending this letter to Tender Touch Ministries to say thank you for your help during times of need. My son and I are homeless, but we trust and believe that God will make a way for us to receive permanent housing. In the meantime, through God and Tender Touch Ministries, we have been greatly helped with things to keeps us afloat. Tender Touch Ministries has helped us with food and sometimes lodging to keep us from sleeping on the streets. Again, I just want to thank God and Tender Touch Ministries for being there for us.


Ernestine Latimer
Jeffrey L. Anderson



Anthony has been a huge blessing, at a time when my marriage was suffering. And I am truly grateful for the time he took with me in prayer. I became a partner with Tender Touch Ministries because I believe and share in the love and compassion for our homeless brothers and sisters. – Deborah Marcial



I am very grateful that Tender Touch Ministries was there for me in a way most needful. Getting help to heal the deepest hurts, pains and wounds of my heart was really what I needed more than anything. Then later on Tender Touch Ministries helped me with some clothes. Thank you Tender Touch Ministries . . . forever grateful! – MaryLee



I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Tender Touch Ministries for helping me when I was in dire need of food and clothing. I am a retired veteran of 22 years and I deal with multiple chronic challenges. That’s why it meant so much when Tender Touch Ministries came to me to give assistance, so I would not have to over exert myself. You guys are a true blessing! – Michael R. Lang, Veteran