2015 Tender Touch Ministries Initiatives

During 2015, Tender Touch Ministries will reach out to serve the homeless, like never before.  We truly understand the challenges they face on a daily basis, and we are prepared to work tirelessly, to make their lives less burdensome.

  • First, we will implement our We Care Program (WCP). This program entails distributing small care packages to the homeless that reside on the unforgivable streets of Orange County CA.
  • Secondly, we look to partner with other non-profit charity organizations, and business entities that can provide the essentials to the homeless, that we so often take for granted: Shower facilities, personal grooming facilities, transitional living facilities and financial support.
  • Thirdly, Buy-A-Meal Day (BAMD).  During the month of May, we will take our passion to the streets of Orange County, and buy as many meals for the homeless as possible.
  • Lastly, get as many churches involved as possible, to offer faith services, counseling, encouragement and possible employment to the homeless.

Anthony Miller
Tender Touch Ministries